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Wine tasting…Cheers!

Once again, the Adults Department of SPRINT IDIOMES SL offered a free wine tasting for the students.

There were 4 classes invited, of Intermediate and Upper Intermediate level, so the students could participate and ask questions.

The wine expert Alexander Barzen explained that a wine tasting is the sensory examination and evaluation of wine. Of course, this was not a professional wine tasting (such as the ones used by sommeliers) and Mr. Barzen did not use a specialized terminology, but we all learnt a lot anyway!

Before the wine tasting, the students studied the vocabulary used to describe the range of perceived flavors, aromas and general characteristics of a wine.

It was an informal and recreational tasting, which helped us develop an analytical process for a more general, personal appreciation of the excellent wines from the Mosel area! Cheers!

You can see all the photos here